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There is much to be said for Hope.

Here, we see an expectant mother in an environment which hints of dire things to come: grey, windblown clouds and raging surf on rock. Yet she sits listening tranquilly through magic technology to the future, her unborn child.

Perhaps, the soundtrack is an old Steely Dan song...

Composition: location of the primary subject to the side before the breaking wave contributes to the concept Hope. She is before the dire things. The round shapes upon which and within which she sits provide a shield.

Impact: from a page display of similar (gestational) images, this one immediately caught my attention.

Colours: Muted and balanced, yet with weight in two places, foreground (the flesh tones) against background (greys and whites of the weather/water/rocks). Nearly monochromatic. NOTE: I am a colour-vision challenged individual, I see colours in my own unique manner which does not agree with a defined Normal.
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